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What Do You Mean I Have a Bad Bite? | Palm Harbor Dentist

Has your dentist ever told you that you have a bad bite? Have you ever wondered what that exactly entails? After all, you are eating just fine. So, what is going on inside your mouth giving you a bad name? Don’t worry – there is a perfectly good explanation.

A “bad bite” occurs when your teeth are misaligned, which causes the jaw muscles to apply extra pressure in order to compensate for the poor alignment of your teeth. This increased stress on the surface of the teeth leads to cracks and chips, and jaw pains. You know those headaches you get every so often? There is a possibility it is due to the alignment of your jaw.

When the muscle strain extends to the temporomandibular joint, located where the upper and lower jaws meet, individuals will suffer from temporomandibular disorder or TMJ. Dental professionals highly encourage patients to schedule an appointment is they experience the following symptoms that are indicators of TMJ:

  • Pain in multiple teeth or the jaw joint
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Cracked, chipped or broken dental restorations
  • Headache – especially when opening and closing your jaw
  • Ear pain – in front of or below the ear, with no other signs of ear infection
  • Noises “in your head” – grinding, crunching, or popping sounds

If you are experience any of the listed symptoms, it is essential to consult a dental professional about treatment options to diminish your tooth, jaw, and headaches caused by TMJ. Having a dental exam will not only diagnose what is going on inside your mouth, but why it’s happening and how to repair any damage.

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