Dental Tips for Your Next Cookout | Palm Harbor Dentist

During these hot summer days, it is pretty natural to gather with friends and family together for a BBQ. Ice cold drinks are flowing, smiles and laughter fill the air – there is nothing better. If you are the host of this summertime event, here are some tips to consider when it comes to preparing for guests. And if it benefits their dental health at the same time, even better…

Crunchy munchies. When it comes to BBQ nosh, chips and dips are always a given. But there are other crunchy foods that can not only produce saliva, but scrubs cavity-causing bacteria. These foods are the ones you would see on fruit and veggie platters. Apples, pears, broccoli and carrots – there are so many smile-friendly options to offer your guests.

Add some cheese. Cheese is packed with calcium and other fantastic things that keep our teeth strong and healthy. Top off your burger, offer a charcuterie board – all of these will not only please your guests, but your smiles as well.

Toothpicks. If you are offering corn on the cob, pulled meats or foods that have seeds, chances are that your guests will have food stuck in their teeth. Instead of toothpicks, which can damage your gums, offer dental picks or wooden plaque removers. Gum is also a great idea, just make sure it’s sugar-free.

Infuse the water. We all know that sodas and other carbonated beverages need to be offered, especially on a hot summer day, but these drinks tend to not only damage our teeth, but also dehydrates the system. Infuse some water with various fruits and herbs – it’s healthy, tasty and looks great in a pitcher.

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