72 Hours After Your Wisdom Tooth Surgery | Palm Harbor Dentist

Even though wisdom teeth are a common occurrence in most adults, having your wisdom teeth removed is never a fun thing to do. Because it will likely be a necessary surgery, a recovery period is going to need to take place before you feel back to normal, especially the first 72 hours. That said, here are some great tips to help make those hours as easy as possible:

After your procedure, you will have gauze in your mouth to stop the bleeding. Make sure to have some extra handy so you can swap it out and keep the area clean. But after a couple of hours of gauze action, trade it for a moist tea bag to prevent clotting. To keep the swelling and bleeding to a minimum, keep your head elevated. And for the next 48 hours, swap out an ice compress every 20 minutes. After that, change your ice compress into a warm one. All of this will help heal the procedure while keeping you as pain-free as possible.

Once you pass the first day with flying colors, things will proceed to get easier. A good idea is to rinse with salt water 8-10 times a day. ½ tsp of salt to 1 cup of water is the ideal ratio, just be gentle while doing so. You don’t want to disturb your stitches.

Things to avoid completely:

  • Straws. The suction can induce bleeding.
  • Tobacco. Tobacco products are awful in general, but after surgery, it makes it tougher for your gums to heal.
  • Strenuous activity. An increased heart rate will increase blood flow. This may increase the chances of bleeding.

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