Reasons You May Need to Have Your Tooth Pulled | Palm Harbor Dentist

Having a toothache can be excruciating, no matter how it comes about. Not only can you have trouble eating, but the headaches that go hand-in-hand can drive a person insane. So, it’s off to the dentist for an assessment – it’s time to have a tooth extracted.

There are a few reasons why you would ever have to have your tooth pulled: Impaction, infection or decay. We are going to break down each reason and how your smile can be improved.

Impacted tooth. A tooth that is trapped beneath the gumline is known as an impacted tooth. A very common type of an impacted tooth is what we also call a wisdom tooth. Left untreated, these teeth can damage surrounding teeth and accelerate gum disease. Common symptoms: red, swollen or bleeding gums, bad breath and pain when chewing.

Infected tooth. When a tooth is infected, it becomes filled with pus and other debris, also known as an abscessed tooth. Left untreated, these teeth can lead to more serious infections throughout the body. Remember, our mouth is the first line of defense for our overall health. The importance of taking care of our dental health is of the utmost importance. Common symptoms: tooth sensitivity, fever, swelling around the infected area, bad breath or pain when chewing.

Tooth decay. Unfortunately, this is the final stage of a tooth’s life, because tooth decay is permanent and irreversible. The good thing is, the extracted tooth can be replaced by a crown, bridge or dental implant, depending on your situation. Because these teeth are brittle and have visible holes, they are also prone to infection. If you are having intense dental pain, don’t delay – make an appointment as soon as possible.

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