Snap on a New Smile! | Palm Harbor Dentist

Getting dental procedures done in order to improve your dental flaws is a big decision. When you are prepared to improve your smile, there are so many options available to you, depending on your specific case. Because while there are various processes to improve it, it really depends on how healthy your mouth is. Just one more reason to take very good care of your teeth with proper dental hygiene. Good bones build a sturdy house – and a beautiful smile.

Now, if your dentist claims that you are illegible for dental implants, it is not the end of the world. Thanks to advanced dental technology, patients can have the smile of their dreams with Snap on Smile. Snap on Smile is ideal for patients with missing or crooked teeth not eligible for implants, but also for those timid patients terribly afraid of drills and shots.

The Snap on appliance is made of very thin, but extremely strong, specialized resin that resists staining and can be used for years. The Snap on appliance simply snaps in and out over a patient’s natural teeth.

The process is quick and painless. Photos and impressions of your teeth are taken, then a smile design and color are chosen and in about two weeks the final product is delivered and “Snapped” into your mouth. Snap it in and wear it home. It’s that easy.

The process of having a Snap on Smile is simple yet highly effective, while being natural looking and completely affordable. So, don’t let money or you fear of the dentist keep you from achieving a rejuvenated smile.

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