Steps You Can Do to Fix Your Smile | Palm Harbor Dentist

We can all appreciate a perfect smile, but not all smiles are the same. Just as each face is different, so are our smiles. So, when something happens to our smile, we want to fix it as soon as possible. The great thing is that there are lots of things you and your dental professional can do to fix whatever your issue is, namely through dental implants, bridges and dentures. And while they are meant to fix the same types of issues, dental implants are the most naturally similar to our natural teeth.

Because dental implants are permanent fixtures of titanium posts anchored to your jawbone and topped off with an all-new replacement tooth or a bridge that’s screwed or cemented into the posts themselves, they feel and function like natural teeth.

Dental implants are not always the best choice, and that is where fixed bridges and removable dentures come into play. This is why treatment options are based a case-by-case basis. As a bonus, if maintained properly, they can last for as long as 25 years. This is a full ten years to the 7 to 15 years that fixed bridges and removable dentures can only last for until they need to be replaced.

Ideal candidates for dental implants are those with good general and oral health, as well as having enough bone in their jaw to help support the implant. Although, those who’ve lost bone in their jaws in the past do not have to worry as much as they can still have implants if they go through a bone-grafting procedure first.

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