Turning Your Dental Checkup into a Sci-fi Movie | Palm Harbor Dentist

When we think of the dentist, we don’t necessarily think about a sci-fi movie, but lasers are being used more and more in the dental industry. Because when patients were asked about what they feared about dental procedures, they mostly associated it with pain and discomfort. By implementing dental lasers, not only are dental professionals getting a more precise effect but there is no real pain as lasers don’t use heat, vibration or pressure to the patient the way a traditional drill would.

We can all agree that dental anxiety is a real affliction; and it’s mainly due to the sound of the drill. After all, most menacing dentists we see in movies love to torture their patients with that high-pitched sound. A thus, a lot of patients associate a trip to the dentist with that sound, making it very difficult to keep their appointments. Today’s dental checkups aren’t like our grandparent’s checkups because of the use of laser dentistry. And it may surprise you, but lasers have been used in dentistry since the early 1990’s.

So, what does a dental laser do? One of the most common uses of dental lasers is as a tool to kill bacteria – the laser is powerful enough to kill bacteria beneath the surface without removing the tissue, making treating infected or diseased tissue in difficult places easier than with normal tools.

The dental laser provides a number of advantages for both patient and dentist – the laser is quieter than the drill, allowing the patient to enjoy a more relaxed experience. The bacteria-killing nature of the laser and its more precise use can lead to better results and shorter healing times. When used by a trained dentist, the dental laser is a fantastic technical advancement that both patients and dentist can appreciate.

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