What You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth | Palm Harbor Dentist

Wisdom teeth – the third and final set of molars in the rear of your mouth – are one of the least predictable teeth. For some of us, it is a situation that works itself out and they come in without issue. But for most of us, it can become a very painful issue. Unlike other teeth, it’s not uncommon for wisdom teeth to be absent. Even more unusual, while some people have all four wisdom teeth, other people have only one, two, or three – there’s no reliable predictor to determine how many wisdom teeth any given patient has prior to an x-ray.

In many cases, wisdom teeth crowd other molars, grow in misaligned, or only partially erupt from the gum, causing pain, tenderness, and further alignment issues. They can remain impacted – partially erupted through the gum, leaving the gum tissue broken and allowing bacteria to enter the gum tissue, leading to significant decay of the tooth itself.

For these reasons, it’s common for many patients to first learn about their wisdom teeth when their dentist recommends that they be removed. If the wisdom teeth are fully erupted and visible, extraction may be simple; if the wisdom teeth are underneath the gums, the dentist or oral surgeon will need to cut into the gum to get to the teeth, which tends to be more invasive.

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort near the back of your mouth, or if you’ve been told you have wisdom teeth that may be problematic, find out about the various options available to you. Extraction may not be necessary, but it’s also possible that extraction could be a simple way to relieve pain and pressure caused by wisdom teeth.

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