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laser dentistry

As a good rule of thumb, visiting the dentist at the beginning of a new year will not only start it off on the right foot, but it can also let you know just how much you celebrated during the holiday season. Unfortunately, many patients are nervous about a dental visit because of fear. The sound of the drill, the pain we visualize – there are plenty of reasons patients skip out on regular dental visits. Thanks to laser dentistry, patients can now choose to go for virtually pain-free dental procedures. Take a look at the benefits:

Better accuracy and precision. Procedures done on the bone and gum tissues are also more precise using lasers, which leaves the surrounding areas unaffected and helping you maintain your natural set of teeth for a longer time.

Greatly reduced trauma. High-speed drills can cause fractures in the teeth that will eventually lead to further dental problems and costs down the road. With lasers, trauma is significantly minimized.

Faster and more efficient procedures. The use of lasers can make it easier for them to perform certain procedures that would usually require multiple trips in one visit, and those that often required a specialist can now be performed by a single dentist, saving you time, money and hassle.

Less bleeding and swelling. For many years, bleeding and post-op swelling were common in dental procedures. With lasers, dentists can perform procedures such as soft tissue with little to no bleeding and post-op swelling involved.

Versatility. Those that required the extensive use of drills and scalpels, such as decay removal, cavity preparation, root canals, and many others will be far easier to do all thanks to lasers.

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