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gum disease myth

If there is one thing that patients worry about when it comes to dental visits, it’s hearing they’ve had a bad checkup and need further dental work. One of these issues would be gum disease. While there are four stages to it, early detection is best in order to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, there are loads of myths about gum disease that cause patients to be confused as to how it develops or how to prevent it. With more research indicating that gum disease may be linked to several other diseases, maintaining healthy teeth and g ums have become more and more important, so let’s take a moment to bust the more common myths regarding gum disease:

Bleeding gums are not important.

Red, swollen, and bleeding gums are a telltale sign of gum disease. If you notice bleeding while brushing or flossing, you should schedule a visit with your dental professional to be evaluated for periodontal disease right away.

You don’t need to floss every day.

Having proper oral hygiene is incredibly important, and that includes keeping up with brushing, rinsing and flossing.

A tooth lost to gum disease is lost forever.

While you can’t get a permanent tooth back if it falls out because of gum disease, there is no need to worry about having the gap in your teeth – periodontists use dental implants to replace teeth.

Poor oral hygiene is the only way to develop gum disease.

Good oral hygiene can definitely contribute to the prevention of gum disease, however there are other factors in which having good oral hygiene won’t matter. For example, tobacco use or a poor diet. Both of these can increase your chances of gum disease development.

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