Bad Habits Can Ruin Your Smile | Palm Harbor Dentist

While we are preparing for our holiday social calendar, we do our best to look our best while enjoying our family and friends. However, for many, our dental health isn’t a top priority like it should be. One of the main issues isn’t exactly hygiene, but bad dental habits we’ve picked up over the years. Some of those habits may even be done without our knowledge. If you happen to have one of the following habits, make some time to try to change them before dental issues are created:

Chewing ice. Are you an ice muncher after your drink is finished? Little did you know, the cold and hardness of the cubes can actually do damage to your teeth by chipping or cracking them.

Using your teeth as a tool. Using your teeth to crack open nuts, or tear through plastic can be incredibly detrimental. Just like chewing ice, using your teeth as a tool may cause damage to your teeth. Find a pair of scissors or a knife instead.

Carbonated beverages. ‘Tis the season for toasts with bubbly drinks. While this isn’t a surprise, we’re adding the usage of sugar-free sodas as well. Carbonated beverages of all types are acidic and incredibly harmful to teeth.

Nail biting. Perhaps one of the most common bad habits, biting your nails itself is not only damaging to your nail beds, but your teeth.

Grinding your teeth. The official term for this habit is bruxism and it is common to occur at night. Grinding your teeth can wear your teeth down. A dentist may give you a night guard to help you get it under control.

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