Pizza Is Good for Your Teeth? | Palm Harbor Dentist

When you are watching your weight, pizza is generally off the table. But what if we told you it could be good for our smiles. Don’t believe it? Well, today is National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day (we didn’t make it up) – and we can’t think of a better time to rave about this dental miracle. I mean, beyond consistently making us happy with its deliciousness:

Crust. No, not going to convince you crust is healthy. But one way to fight cavity-causing bacteria is saliva production. Chewing on the crust of the pizza will increase saliva production, giving those bacteria no chance to set up shop in your mouth.

Tomato sauce. Tomatoes are acidic, which isn’t good for our tooth enamel, but it also contains vitamin C, which fights infections, including gum disease, toothaches and other dental issues. Lycopene and calcium can also help prevent oral cancer.

Cheese. We all know calcium is great for strengthening our teeth and cheese is jam-packed with it. And it is one nutrient we cannot produce naturally so don’t be afraid to say, “extra cheese, please!”

Meat. Meat contains lots of protein and protein is good for maintaining your teeth’s structure while also developing muscle/connective tissue development. So, load up on those meat toppings!

Veggies. No everything pizza is without vegetables and that is a good thing because they are not only full of fiber, but vitamin A.

Pizza may get a bad rap because of its unhealthier aspects, but by no means is it bad for you. Stack on those toppings and enjoy giving your smile the boost it craves – it’s good for your smile!

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