Get a New Smile in a Snap | Palm Harbor Dentist

Are you looking for a cosmetic procedure that will enhance your smile? Are you also looking for a procedure where you will not have to endure the pains of shots and drilling? If you are like many dental patients, you would love a Hollywood smile, but the idea of the pain linked with getting that smile dissuades us from actually getting that smile we’ve always wanted. But what if I told you that you can get that smile WITHOUT the pain? Would you reconsider making hat dental appointment? Good news…It’s true. In fact, you can have that new smile in a snap. Literally.

Snap-On Smile is a new, innovative cosmetic procedure that can give your smile the makeover you’re looking for, and it only takes two simple visits to the dental chair. The first appointment will be the basic consultation and teeth impressions. Once your impressions have been taken, your Snap-On Smile will be made from a strong, stain-free resin that can be snapped in and out over your natural teeth. There is no need for shots, needles or drills!

Before you decide that you are just going to live with your smile, think again. Don’t let fear leave your smile unhappy. It’s time to give your smile the attention it deserves. Schedule a dental appointment today if you think it is time to rejuvenate your smile. Avoid living with gapped, chipped, or stained teeth because Snap-On Smile may be the solution for you. It’s time to get to smiling.

If you’re interested in learning more about Snap-On Smile, contact Dr. Larry Lieberman, DDS at 727-785-8017 to schedule a consultation today. Or visit for additional information.

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