Cavity Prevention 101: Palm Harbor Dentist

We all want a good report card when we go to visit the dentist. Unfortunately, we aren’t always the most responsible when it comes to a consistent dental regimen. When it gets by us, there is a high chance we will develop a cavity. A cavity occurs when plaque produces enough acid to eat through tooth enamel. The effects are usually reversible through extensive dental treatments, but there’s an easier way to deal with cavities – follow these three simple tips:

Watch your diet. People who love sugary treats are more likely to suffer from dental issues those that don’t prefer sugar will. Frequently snacking on sweets leaves sugar and starch on your teeth if not brushed afterwards, causing plaque and eventually, cavities. To minimize the risk, cut back on your sugar intake, or avoid it altogether. By making the decision to eliminate sugar from your diet, you’ll not only improve your oral health, but your health overall.

Don’t skip the dentist. Plenty of people suffer from cavities because they rarely pay a visit to their dentist. If it’s been a while since your last appointment, consider scheduling a visit ASAP. Your dentist will examine your entire mouth and give you a proper assessment of your oral health.

Make dental hygiene a priority. Make it a habit to brush your teeth every day and floss regularly. People tend to forget to floss, but it gets in spots a toothbrush can’t. If you don’t know if you’re brushing or flossing your teeth properly, ask your dentist. Gargling mouthwash will also go a long way in eliminating plaque buildup, so ask your dentist for any brands they recommend.

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