Dental Implants: Perfect Your Smile | Palm Harbor Dentist

When we think about the ideal smile, most of us turn to our favorite celebrity. For some reason it seems like you need a perfect smile to make it big. But what you may not realize is that those celebrities have had some type of dental work done to get that perfect smile. That dental procedure? Dental implants.

Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that resemble a tooth of a group of teeth. Most commonly used for individuals who have cracked or even missing teeth, dental implants provide a multitude of advantages when designing that smile you’ve always wanted. Here are the top three reasons you should consider dental implants to achieve that Hollywood smile:

Versatility. Though dental implants have their own single purpose in replacing missing or cracked teeth, they may also serve as an important part in other restorative procedures. A tooth implant can support a dental crown, as well as dental bridges.

Naturalness. Most individuals look to dental implants because they are the closest to natural that fake teeth can get. Your dentist will design these implants to look and feel the most natural that they can be, even taking the time to get the color right so that they blend in with your natural teeth!

Confidence. People who suffer from missing teeth are oftentimes uncomfortable with their appearances, causing some type of self-esteem issues. Because dental implants are so natural looking, no one will be able to tell you’ve had any work done, boosting one’s confidence and improving any speech impairments or other issues that may have arisen.

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