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Benefits Of Dental Crowns | Palm Harbor

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A dental crown is a custom made cap that’s placed over a damaged tooth or implant to restore the color, shape, size and strength. The crown covers the entire tooth, from the chewing surface to the gum line. Though many patients may have heard about dental crowns, they may not be entirely sure how they can improve the function and look of their teeth. There are several benefits that stem from crowns, some of those benefits include the following:

Crowns can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms. Placing a crown is often recommend to complete a restorative treatment, repairing the tooth enamel and structure. Patients that are suffering from tooth decay, tooth root infection, or oral trauma, such as a chip or fracture, the tooth may ache or feel sore. Once the dental problem is taken care of, the tooth may still be vulnerable to further damage or discomfort. Having crown placed will alleviate symptoms and protect against further issues.

Crowns only require a relatively simple procedure. Some patients mistakenly believe that this restorative procedure is complicated or intensive. In all reality, having a dental crown placed is minimally invasive and relatively straightforward. Once the tooth’s enamel is clean and healthy, your dentist will shape your tooth so that it will securely hold the crown. Next your dentist will take an impression of it and send the information to dental lab when skilled technicians will fabricate your crown. When the crown is ready your dentist will place it over your tooth with a bonding cement.

Crowns are custom made just for you. Each dental crown is designed according to your exact specifications in terms of the shape, size and color. Patients can feel confident that the dental crown will blend in seamlessly with their existing teeth.

Crowns enhance the appearance of your smile. While dental crowns are mainly used as a part of restorative dentistry, they are also used in cosmetic dentistry. Since crowns can fit over a damaged or discolored tooth, they can instantly correct a myriad of dental problems. They can correct discoloration, staining, misshapen or misaligned teeth, chips, cracks and much more.

Crowns are long lasting. Dental crowns are typically made from strong, beautiful materials, but how long they last ultimately relies on you. By practicing proper oral hygiene and avoiding a few bad habits, your crown can last between 15 and 30 years.

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Three Myths Surrounding Sedation Dentistry | Palm Harbor, FL

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Millions of people are terrified of the dentist, even just the thought of even stepping foot into the office sends chills down their spine. Dental fear causes many patients to downright avoid the dentist altogether. However, patients that avoid dental treatments pay the price in the long haul, considering dental problems can worsen over time.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to dental fear and phobia, which is sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry can help calm a patients dental fears and relax them throughout their dental procedure. However, chances are you’ve heard some myths and misconceptions surrounding sleep dentistry. Well I am here to put the myths surrounding sleep dentistry to rest, once and for all.

Myth 1: Sedation dentistry is only for complex surgical procedures.

Fact: This is false. Sedation dentistry can be used for any dental procedure. Though less frequent, sedation dentistry can be used for as something as basic as professional teeth cleaning and dental exams for patients that have dental fears. Bottom line is that you can be relaxed during any dental procedure.

Myth 2: Sedation dentistry is only for patients with dental fears.

Fact: While sedation dentistry is probably widely known for easing dental fears, there are also other reasons it is used. Sedation dentistry can be helpful for patients with sensitive gag refluxes, those who have trouble sitting still for long periods, those who are having multiple dental procedures done at once, and those with special needs.

Myth 3: Sedation dentistry is unsafe.

Patients are not entirely asleep the way they would be with general anesthesia, using sedition in dentistry is entirely safe, as long as it is being administrated by a trained professional.

Now that you are little more informed about sedation dentistry, you should already feel more at ease about making a trip to your dentist.

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