The Main Benefits of Laser Dentistry

laser dentistry

The use of the traditional drill is often cited as one of the reasons why plenty of patients tend to skip out on going to the dentist. The sound that the drill makes and the fact that you have to be strapped onto the dentist’s chair throughout much of the procedure simply makes some people feel uncomfortable.

Fortunately, we no longer live in a time and age where dentists have to rely on their drills and other conventional tools to perform most, if not all, of their procedures.

All thanks to laser dentistry, patients can now choose to go for virtually pain-free dental procedures.

That aside, there are plenty of other benefits of laser dentistry, including:

  • Better accuracy and precision. Using lasers, dentists can easily remove tooth enamel decay, which can prove to be quite difficult to do through conventional means. Procedures done on the bone and gum tissues are also more precise using lasers, which leaves the surrounding areas unaffected and helping you maintain your natural set of teeth for a longer time.
  • Greatly reduced trauma. Physically, the use of high speed drills can, in many cases, cause fractures in the teeth. Such fractures, although reversible, will eventually lead to further dental problems that will incur even more costs down the line. With lasers, trauma is significantly minimized.
  • Faster and more efficient procedures. Since dentists don’t have to rely on shots or anesthesia, the use of lasers can make it easier for them to perform certain procedures that would usually require multiple trips in one visit. Also, certain procedures that often required the referral to specialists can now be performed by a single dentist, saving you and your family much needed time, money and hassle as you no longer have to make multiple trips.
  • Less bleeding and swelling. For many years, bleeding and post-op swelling were common in dental procedures. Patients simply had no choice but to deal with them, especially since no other options existed. Well, not yet, anyway. With lasers, dentists can perform procedures such as soft tissue with little to no bleeding and post-op swelling involved!
  • Versatility. Lasers can be used on a wide range of both hard and soft tissue procedures. Those that required the extensive use of drills and scalpels, such as decay removal, cavity preparation, root canals, and many others will be far easier to do all thanks to lasers.

Look for a Certified Dentist Near You!

Not all dentists are trained and certified to perform laser procedures as a substitute to conventional measures.

It is important that you do your research and if possible, set up a meeting with the dentist to ask him or her questions about the extent of education and training they’ve received in regards to laser dentistry.

Also, you should know that even though lasers are a very useful and powerful dental instrument, they’re not always the most appropriate option.

Hopefully, now that there’s the option of there being less pain involved in dental procedures, you’ll no longer dread each visit like before and maybe even make it a habit to visit the dentist much more often.

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