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The Crown Inside Your Head | Palm Harbor Dentist

dental crown and bridge palm harbor fl

When one of our teeth gets damaged, it is time to visit the dentist to repair our smile. Chances are, the solution us a dental crown to improve or restore the function and aesthetics of a tooth with a fixed dental restoration. The dentist may recommend crowns for the following cases:

  • Replace a large filling when there’s little tooth left
  • Protect weak and damaged teeth from further fractures
  • Restore the form and function of fractured teeth
  • Act as an anchor where a dental bridge will be attached to
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover poorly shaped, damaged, and discolored teeth
  • Cover teeth after getting a root canal treatment

Ceramic. These are porcelain-based filling materials and best used for front teeth because of their excellent aesthetic qualities that help them blend well with the natural teeth. However, ceramic crowns may be susceptible to breaking or chipping if one chews often on hard materials.

Porcelain infused with metal. These crowns are much more durable than ceramic ones and excellent in preventing leakage and decreasing the chances of recurring dental decay. However, to place this type of crown, a moderate amount of tooth structure will have to be removed by the dentist or prosthodontist.

Gold alloys. These types of crowns are often made from a mixture of gold, copper and other types of metals. They are very durable, resistant to wear, fractures and are highly biocompatible with the gum tissue.

Base metal alloys. These types of crowns use non-noble metals and are highly resistant to corrosion, and very durable. The material is also gentle to opposing teeth and your dentist won’t have to remove as much healthy tooth structure to fit this type of crown.

If you’re interested in learning more about dental crowns, contact Dr. Larry Lieberman, DDS at 727-785-8017 to schedule a consultation today. Or visit www.dentist-lieberman.com for additional information.

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The Benefits in 3D ConeBeam Imaging in Dentistry | Palm Harbor Dentist

186932212Modern dentistry is slowly seeing an influx of the application of new techniques, procedures and technology, with the use of 3D digital imaging being just one of the many.

The use of 3D digital imaging marks an important achievement, as the technology offers dentists a wide variety of perspectives of the face, neck and teeth of their patients, making a more complete treatment plan.

3D ConeBeam Imaging, in particular, is considered as such a technology that can help dentists do a lot more than ever before. The technology is fast, simple and completely non-invasive. All the patient has to do is sit in the chair for a scan and that’s it. The dentist has a computer-generated view of the patient’s face, teeth and other important details from various perspectives.

For dental practitioners, access to accurate and complete information is important in planning treatment. The use of 3D ConeBeam Imaging helps in providing that information, making it beneficial for both dental practitioners and patients alike.

How Does 3D ConeBeam Imaging Work?

To put simply, the imaging system is basically an X-ray scanner, only it’s mounted on a rotating arm. The name “ConeBeam” stems from the system’s use of the scanner to project x-rays in a cone-shaped beam.

Patients simply have to sit in the chair will the scanner moves around their head to gather all the data necessary. There’s no preparation of any kind involved.

After the imaging system goes through the patient’s head, the dentist can then call up any necessary view on a computer monitor.

The imaging system allows dentists to view images of their patient’s entire mouth from just about any angle imaginable, with different magnifications. This accessibility makes it easier to see bones, teeth, airways, nerves, as well as tissues and see the relationship between them in order to create a more effective treatment plan.

3D ConeBeam Imaging produces high-quality images similar to that of a CT (CAT) scan, but only with much less radiation, making it a much safer approach.

What Makes It Different?

Traditionally, dentists relied on x-rays focused on their patient’s teeth to create treatment plans. While effective, the process is not exactly foolproof and there have been many cases of unintentional lapses because of the limited information given out by x-rays.

With the 3D ConeBeam Imaging system, dentists have a more complete visual guide to study their patient’s case from just about any angle they can think of. Even better is that the scan data is easy to duplicate for storage purposes and to make it easier to send out to different specialists later on.

The 3D ConeBeam Imaging System can benefit just about any patient, from those who’re just beginning treatment to those with recurring problems or those who are having their results evaluated.

Thanks to the more accurate, high-quality, detailed visual information produced by the imaging system, dentists have all the information they could possibly need to diagnose and plan out the proper course of action.

As the patient, you should be happy that your dentist has access to such technology, as the improved information allows you to be more confident and more satisfied with the treatment you’re receiving.

To find out more about the 3D ConeBeam Imaging system, contact Dr. Larry Lieberman and make an appointment 727-785-8017 or visit our website at www.dentist-lieberman.com.

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How to Alleviate TMJ Pain| Palm Harbor Dentist


Individuals suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMJ, experience many symptoms such as discomfort and pain in areas surrounding the face or jaw. There are a series of remedies recommended in order to alleviate tension found in those areas. Some of these include:

  • Facial exercises such as stretching, relaxing, or massaging the muscles found around the jaw
  • Evading actions such as yawning, singing, or excessive chewing.
  • Learning new stress relieving techniques including but not limited to: Meditation, Breathing Exercises, or Personal stress relievers.
  • Formulating an exercise plan in order to increase our pain tolerance.

Dr. Lieberman highly encourages patients suffering from TMJ to follow these few techniques in order to alleviate TMJ pain and symptoms. If symptoms worsen, you are encourage to schedule an appointment immediately with our friendly staff.

For more information about TMJ and different treatment options call Dr. Lieberman on North Palm Harbor, FL at 727-785-8017 or visit www.dentist-lieberman.com.

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North Palm Harbor Dentist | Jaw Pain? TMJ

jaw pain-tmj

A “bad bite” occurs when your teeth are misaligned, which causes the jaw muscles to apply extra pressure in order to compensate for the poor alignment of your teeth. This increased stress on the surface of the teeth leads to cracks and chips, and jaw pains.

When the muscle strain extends to the temporomandibular joint, located where the upper and lower jaws meet, individuals will suffer from temporomandibular disorder or TMJ.

Dr. Lieberman highly encourages patients to schedule an appointment is they experience the following symptoms that are indicators of TMJ:

  • Pain in multiple teeth or the jaw joint
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Cracked, chipped or broken dental restorations
  •  Headache—especially when opening and closing your jaw
  • Ear pain—in front of or below the ear, with no other signs of ear infection
  • Noises “in your head” — grinding, crunching, or popping sounds

If you are experience any of the listed symptoms, it is essential to consult Dr. Lieberman about treatment options to diminish your tooth, jaw, and head aches caused by TMJ. For a reliable professional near you, call Dr. Lieberman today.

For more information about TMJ and different treatment options call Dr. Lieberman on North Palm Harbor, FL at 727-785-8017 or visit www.dentist-lieberman.com.

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North Palm Harbor Dentist | Common Causes of Periodontal Disease

461777879Even the most subtle dental problems signal periodontal disease. These symptoms include simple gum inflammation, swollen gums, sensitive teeth, and pain when chewing. In extreme cases, patients experience bleeding gums and permanent tooth loss. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria buildup in the mouth which aids in the formation of a sticky plaque on teeth. Plaque is extremely harmful to individuals because if hardened, patients risk the formation of tartar, which cannot be removed by brushing or flossing.

In order to prevent periodontal disease, it is essential to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Extensive brushing and flossing is recommended by Dr. Lieberman, along with frequent visits to his office to ensure that no dental problems arise. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms for periodontal disease, avoid waiting and call Dr. Lieberman today! By preventing or treating periodontal disease, you will not only save a significant amount of time and money, but your will save your smile from decay and permanent loss.

For more information on how you can prevent or treat periodontal disease call Dr. Lieberman in North Palm Harbor, FL at 727-785-8017 or visit www.dentist-lieberman.com.

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Facial Rejuvenation with Botox and Facial Fillers | Palm Harbor, FL


Dr. Lieberman is pleased to offer Botox to smooth out forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crows feet. Botox is the most effective remedy to diminish wrinkles from the forehead, around the eyes, and around the mouth. Botox is simple because it is injected into muscles to reduce muscle activity, that allow for a more youthful and natural glow. Patients are also raving about facial fillers because they offer the same benefits of a facelift, but without the surgical procedure.

Botox and facial fillers enhance the look and feel of your facial features instantly! Dr. Lieberman agrees that Botox and facial fillers are the best options for facial rejuvenation and the procedures are completely safe. Thanks to Dr. Lieberman, individuals do not need to fear these simple facial rejuvenation procedures. So if you are looking for a quick and easy alternative to surgery and want to restore your youthfulness, contact Dr. Lieberman about Botox and facial fillers today.

For more questions on facial rejuvenations such as Botox and facial fillers call Dr. Lieberman in Palm Harbor, FL at 727-785-8017 or visit www.dentist-lieberman.com.

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