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What Is a Custom-Made Whitening Treatment? | Palm Harbor Dentist

In a world of selfies, people have now focused on having the best smile they possibly can. And one easy way to do this is with a teeth whitening treatment at the dentist. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most practical way for our budgets, so we tend to rely on over-the-counter options instead.

There are many brands of toothpaste and other tooth whitening products – trays, gels, strips and rinses – that claim to whiten teeth. These over the counter whitening systems typically contain a bleaching agent, like hydrogen peroxide, to lighten the color of your teeth chemically. By applying the bleaching chemical to strips or trays, the peroxide can stay in contact with your teeth for 30 minutes at a time, often twice a day, weakening your tooth enamel over time.

Dentists, however, can typically offer take-home tray-based options, using chemicals stronger than over-the-counter trays, but working on the same basic principle. Oftentimes dentist-provided trays are custom-molded to the patient’s teeth, so not only will they fit better, but they will do a much better job at providing a smooth, comfortable fit suitable for wearing for multiple hours each day – even as much as overnight. This option will include a dental visit and cost more, but the end results will be worth the effort comparatively.

No matter which method of teeth whitening you choose, the results will likely not be permanent. Your teeth are exposed to foods and drinks that will stain them over time, but your dentist can advise you on the proper procedure for repeating the whitening process at regular intervals.

If you’re interested in learning more about teeth whitening options, contact Dr. Larry Lieberman, DDS at 727-785-8017 to schedule a consultation today. Or visit www.dentist-lieberman.com for additional information.

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Enjoy Your Sleepy Time Tea | Palm Harbor Dentist

Good quality sleep is vital to everyday health. Poor sleep can cause loss of concentration, headaches and low energy. There are times it is possible to even lead to increased rates of infection, cardiovascular problems, and hypertension. One reason you may be experiencing poor quality sleep is a condition known as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where sleep is interrupted by irregular breathing while in your various sleep stages. It can take the form of breathing pause (apnea) or very shallow breathing (hypopnea). When breathing is paused, carbon dioxide builds up in the blood stream, and the brain signals the body to wake up and breath, causing the interruption in sleep.

The most common form of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea (OPA), which is caused by a physical obstruction of the airway while sleeping. When you snore, obstructive sleep apnea causes the muscles around the airway to relax and narrow, causing the air moving through the airway to make noise. Snoring is not a guaranteed sign of sleep apnea, and a sleep test may be in order.

A way to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea is an overnight sleep study, where doctors will record your airflow, heart rate, oxygen and brain activity to determine whether breathing is impacting your sleep. If a sleeping issue is diagnosed, treatment options are available. Various techniques can help with airflow, like lifestyle changes, medical devices, or surgery.

So, as you are reviewing your healthy resolutions and making great lifestyle changes, consider thinking about making sleep a priority in your day-to-day life.

If you’re interested in learning more about sleep apnea, contact Dr. Larry Lieberman, DDS at 727-785-8017 to schedule a consultation today. Or visit www.dentist-lieberman.com for additional information.

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The Benefits in 3D ConeBeam Imaging in Dentistry | Palm Harbor Dentist

186932212Modern dentistry is slowly seeing an influx of the application of new techniques, procedures and technology, with the use of 3D digital imaging being just one of the many.

The use of 3D digital imaging marks an important achievement, as the technology offers dentists a wide variety of perspectives of the face, neck and teeth of their patients, making a more complete treatment plan.

3D ConeBeam Imaging, in particular, is considered as such a technology that can help dentists do a lot more than ever before. The technology is fast, simple and completely non-invasive. All the patient has to do is sit in the chair for a scan and that’s it. The dentist has a computer-generated view of the patient’s face, teeth and other important details from various perspectives.

For dental practitioners, access to accurate and complete information is important in planning treatment. The use of 3D ConeBeam Imaging helps in providing that information, making it beneficial for both dental practitioners and patients alike.

How Does 3D ConeBeam Imaging Work?

To put simply, the imaging system is basically an X-ray scanner, only it’s mounted on a rotating arm. The name “ConeBeam” stems from the system’s use of the scanner to project x-rays in a cone-shaped beam.

Patients simply have to sit in the chair will the scanner moves around their head to gather all the data necessary. There’s no preparation of any kind involved.

After the imaging system goes through the patient’s head, the dentist can then call up any necessary view on a computer monitor.

The imaging system allows dentists to view images of their patient’s entire mouth from just about any angle imaginable, with different magnifications. This accessibility makes it easier to see bones, teeth, airways, nerves, as well as tissues and see the relationship between them in order to create a more effective treatment plan.

3D ConeBeam Imaging produces high-quality images similar to that of a CT (CAT) scan, but only with much less radiation, making it a much safer approach.

What Makes It Different?

Traditionally, dentists relied on x-rays focused on their patient’s teeth to create treatment plans. While effective, the process is not exactly foolproof and there have been many cases of unintentional lapses because of the limited information given out by x-rays.

With the 3D ConeBeam Imaging system, dentists have a more complete visual guide to study their patient’s case from just about any angle they can think of. Even better is that the scan data is easy to duplicate for storage purposes and to make it easier to send out to different specialists later on.

The 3D ConeBeam Imaging System can benefit just about any patient, from those who’re just beginning treatment to those with recurring problems or those who are having their results evaluated.

Thanks to the more accurate, high-quality, detailed visual information produced by the imaging system, dentists have all the information they could possibly need to diagnose and plan out the proper course of action.

As the patient, you should be happy that your dentist has access to such technology, as the improved information allows you to be more confident and more satisfied with the treatment you’re receiving.

To find out more about the 3D ConeBeam Imaging system, contact Dr. Larry Lieberman and make an appointment 727-785-8017 or visit our website at www.dentist-lieberman.com.

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Finding the Right Dentist | Palm Harbor Dentist


Are you looking for a dentist? The task itself can be quite overwhelming at first, as choosing your dentist usually results in a long term relationship. The first thing you should do when looking for a dentist is ask around. Ask the people that you trust on their opinions and inputs on their dentists. Comfort is key in choosing your dentist.

  • You can also look to your local dental society for a list of recommended dentists in your area.
  • Using a search engine online, look for a dentist catered to your specific needs. Their websites should show you a list of procedures that are offered at certain practices.

Specific Types of Dentists

There are a lot of dentists aside from general dentists that are available for any dental issue you may be having.

  • Pediatric Dentists/Pedodontists – They specialize in pediatric dentistry.
  • Endodontists – They diagnose and treat diseased tooth pulp and perform root canal work
  • Prosthodontists – They specialize in crowns, bridges, and dentures.
  • Oral Pathologists – They use laboratory procedures to diagnose diseases of the mouth.
  • Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeons – They perform surgical treatments, such as removing cysts, tumors, and teeth.
  • Orthodontists – They specialize in correcting improperly positioned teeth.
  • Periodontists – They specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease.

For more information about choosing a dentist, call Dr. Lieberman in Palm Harbor, FL at 727-785-8017 or visit www.dentist-lieberman.com.

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How to Alleviate TMJ Pain| Palm Harbor Dentist


Individuals suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMJ, experience many symptoms such as discomfort and pain in areas surrounding the face or jaw. There are a series of remedies recommended in order to alleviate tension found in those areas. Some of these include:

  • Facial exercises such as stretching, relaxing, or massaging the muscles found around the jaw
  • Evading actions such as yawning, singing, or excessive chewing.
  • Learning new stress relieving techniques including but not limited to: Meditation, Breathing Exercises, or Personal stress relievers.
  • Formulating an exercise plan in order to increase our pain tolerance.

Dr. Lieberman highly encourages patients suffering from TMJ to follow these few techniques in order to alleviate TMJ pain and symptoms. If symptoms worsen, you are encourage to schedule an appointment immediately with our friendly staff.

For more information about TMJ and different treatment options call Dr. Lieberman on North Palm Harbor, FL at 727-785-8017 or visit www.dentist-lieberman.com.

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