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Advances in Laser Dentistry | Serving Clearwater, FL

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When hearing the word “laser,” some patients begin to feel apprehensive about the use of this type of technology in the dental office. In recent years, the highly advanced laser dentistry is being used to treat three main predicaments that thousand s of individuals suffer from.

  • Lasers dentistry is used to treat tooth decay by removing the decay within a tooth. With the help of lasers, the dentist can then insert a filling inside the tooth.


  • Laser dentistry is also used to detect any traces of gum disease that can cause tooth decay and eventually, the loss of teeth. The lasers allow the dentist to remove any bacteria can cause further damage to the patients oral health.


  •   Finally, the use of lasers are speed up the teeth-whitening process. Lasers act as a heat source, which triggers the bleaching solution to achieve maximum results and brighter teeth.

There are many misconceptions of the incorporation of laser dentistry in dental procedures; however Dr. Larry Lieberman assures all of his patients that his dental practices have been very successful with the use of laser technology.  Laser dentistry can cause less pain and decrease the amount of swelling and bleeding patients endure. For those individuals who are terrified of the dentists, lasers can increase the comfort of you dental visit because you are not forced to hear the sounds of loud and painful drills.

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