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470700001Even the most subtle dental problems signal periodontal disease. These symptoms include simple gum inflammation, swollen gums, sensitive teeth, and pain when chewing. The ramifications of Periodontal Disease are detrimental to your oral health. Not only does periodontal disease causes your gums to constantly bleed, but the disease can lead to the loss of your permanent teeth.

Luckily, preventing periodontal disease is simple. Dr. Lieberman lists the following ways to easily prevent periodontal disease:

  • Brushing your teeth- The number one way to prevent periodontal disease is to brush after every meal. Avoid brushing only twice a day and carry a tooth brush everywhere your go. Brushing after every meal prevents plaque from building up in the mouth.
  • Floss- Flossing is extremely important in preventing periodontal disease. Dr. Lieberman emphasizes how flossing removes plaque and bacteria that accumulates in the mouth.
  • Watch what you Eat- Your diet is key is preventing periodontal disease. For this reason, Dr. Lieberman highly recommends replacing sodas and junk food with water and veggies.

In extreme cases, patients experience bleeding gums and permanent tooth loss. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria buildup in the mouth which aids in the formation of a sticky plaque on teeth. Plaque is extremely harmful to individuals because if hardened, patients risk the formation of tartar, which cannot be removed by brushing or flossing.

In order to prevent periodontal disease, it is essential to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Extensive brushing and flossing is recommended by Dr. Lieberman, along with frequent visits to his office to ensure that no dental problems arise. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms for periodontal disease, avoid waiting and call Dr. Lieberman today! By preventing or treating periodontal disease, you will not only save a significant amount of time and money, but your will save your smile from decay and permanent loss.

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